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Art Dolls by Konstantina Morou

konstantina at Booze Xooperativa ExhibKonstantina’s first contact with clay came at the early age of 7 while her mother was attending clay lessons at that time. In less than 10 years she had already concluded the basic education on clay. An extra training in design and material technology provided to her with the necessary knowledge to make clay the basic artistic expression.

Today Konstantina is one of the most well-known  ceramics artist in clay specializing in creating dolls. Her creatures are handmade in every detail of their character. Describing her work, she mentioned that :

My “ball jointed dolls”, as their type name is, are contemporary sculptures from high temperature porcelain. They don’t have any automated moving but they can change a numerous positions using the 13 joints in body,hands,legs and head.

The main influence comes from the heroines of my dreams and the passionate females who live intensively all the different roles, that real life offers them.

Visit Konstantina’s personal website to see the full collection of artistic ceramic dolls.

Each one of the dolls is strictly unique (there is no pattern or figure that would be ever reproduced), handmade and collective.A variety of techniques and materials are combined on each doll, such as the design and the manufacture of the suits, the wigs, the footwear and so on.

Kontsantina ‘s dolls are made of high-temperature porcelain 1250 Celsius and they are painted mostly with China Paint colors which are baked up to 5 times at 750 Celsius so that they reach their most durable state and achieve the maximum degree of incorporation into the clay.

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